Ordination and templates             To perform as a Minister of Interfaith in Synagogues, Mosques, Temples and Churches etc you need to be properly licensed. Click above to see an ordination certificate and give your Word Of Honor then dedicate your self for life and your good to go. Remember to work with your state or province if they need to have you registered, if necessary please register before performing a wedding.

Final point and first point too! Be a Bridge Builder! Find yourself and know yourself. Once again in other words!  It is your personal responsibility once ordained as an Interfaith Minister to build bridges, also register yourself in at the local State House before a wedding is celebrated. Some states will say your all set, just as long as you have a license as a Minister. They may simply require your copy of your license to be faxed into the office record room of the State House. For on your license is everything you need to be properly identified, of course once you sign the signature line on the license or downloaded certificate from this official website you send it in to the State, if need be, Florida need not such actions as Massachusetts etc etc. Grow and live in all wise ways, be free and spiritual.

8th  By-Law. Recall all your profits and earnings belong solely to you and your new organization; you are independent in more ways than one. Financial and admin  activities done by you are your personal responsibility. Keep abreast of your tax codes and your obligations to life and those you serve. YOU owe to me no fees or monies; you serve our Creator and the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.

Benefits and Responsibilities





​​  BENEFITS OF BEING AN ORDAINED INTERFAITH                                                    MINISTER

  There are many benefits that one can possess by acquiring an InterFaith ordination in any given area of ministry, whether it be Pastor (your position if you have a community of Followers} or other ministry positions in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Television,Radio etc.

 Some of these are:

       1. Only an ordained Minister can apply and be granted a ministerial license from the state they reside in to open a place of worship that is legal.At Word of Honor .org you are legally ordained. Some states within the USA do not require this license, but some states require Ministers to register with the state they reside in or Minister to perform weddings. Some other National  governments require the same. This requires a ministerial ordination and if you download the certificate or have received one from an ordained Minister of InterFaith you are ready to perform a wedding. Once you know what to do, you are all set to go. That requires you to study, research and read the law; yes, study and get and be prepared.

Recall, it is all for free so be self reliant, self determined and personally responsible for the weddings and other spiritual and social matters!! Remember if you are doing a lot for the couple and people you deserve to be paid.

       2. Only ordained Ministers and certain public officials can legally unite a Man and a Woman in marriage. If you hold an ordination through Interfaith Ministries of Word of Honor.org you will be able to perform these rites. You have every right to receive donations and I encourage you to become at least a recognized non profit on your State level. Talk to your lawyer or adviser,or, find out all the info about your financial standings,potentials as a Minister in your state, town or city.

      3. Only ordained Ministers should officiate in Religious Ceremonies.

      4. Often ordained Ministers are called upon by local communities in an area wide emergency situation.
      5. Only ordained Ministers can serve as Chaplains in most police forces, fire departments, hospitals, and such.
      6. More and more hospitals and nursing home administrations only permit ordained Ministers to visit the sick on a regular basis.
      7. As an ordained Inter-Faith Minister, you will be recognized by your peers as part of the Clergy.

      8. As a recognized Minister in your community, you will be open to resources enabling you to plant (start) a House of Worship or ministry in your area. This is harder without being an ordained Minister.

      9. Most federal, state, and local prison systems and correctional institutions in the USA are now requiring that everyone desiring to participate in its faith based programs become ordained.

     10. As an ordained Minister with Inter-Faith Ministries, you will have access to developments at Word of Honor.org
     11: YOU have the right to become a legal 501 c3 too and get more benefits

        You will be an Independent Minister and will be able to serve in any capacity you wish. Remember do not trespass on your original community.Be humble and full of the Spirit of Interfaith love and friendliness. Couples that are fervent in your Root Religion ought to go to the Root clerics for Ceremonies, unless the Couples fervently desire your Ministering. Be respectful of Root Religionists, Leaderships. Be Wise and humble, be a PeaceMaker. 

There are other benefits not mentioned. 


When you are ordained, what happens? Everything! One particular! Growth of your soul and mind in studies on InterFaith! Love and respect; as well as personal self respect for your conscience and convictions.

Also, make sure the couple that wants to get married gets registered in their City or Town! You are the Facilitator in this situation, make sure all is well.Research it!
Know your personal responsibility as an InterFaith Minister! Know for the sake of the community, for yourself. Research!

Volunteer in a capacity that respects your private life; consider volunteering at a Nursing Home, Hospital, Prison, some community work program that benefits all!
Above all be a peacemaker and gentle of heart in your position as a Minister!
        In order to have full legal authority to perform wedding ceremonies all you have to do as ordained Interfaith Ministers is to be perfectly clear with  the State,City or Town registration. Registration has nothing to do with the state ordaining you, it,ordination, is already completed by Word of Honor Temple's authority. The state never ordains anyone at anytime.Realize that all Hindu, Buddhist and Catholic Priests, Rabbis,Imams, Ministers etc respectfully are all on equal footing with you.When You are ordained, then keep your spirit active by readings and meditations daily! Keep volunteering whenever you can, be charitable! Register with the State if need be, in Massachusetts they would be so inclined to have you register before officiating at a wedding. Just contact whatever State you live in and check with the record department for exact actions. 
       Of course the Word of Honor organization is fully authorized to ordain and has ordained or will ordain you. I respectfully invite you to know your State of Affairs in the State you reside. Once again it is your responsibility to keep abreast of the times, both Spiritually and Administratively.
        It is also your deepest desire to serve and love our Maker, to communicate one's deepest affections and loyalty to Interfaith principles. To lead tired Humanity in the directions of Truth within all embracing Love.To tolerate, to forgive and understand,to bond and acknowledge unity with Diversity.
         Otherwise, One needs to refresh Oneself and totally renew One self in the all embracing meditations of variations, cultural and religious diversity and the visitations to all perceptions of major Religions.This way one knows Others and your Mission and Ministry you fully know and embrace.
        Recall Confucius; "Give to me a job I love doing and I will never work another day in my Life". Remember be yourself, remember conscience and convictions,study, ponder and live compassionately; it is our Joy of Living.
To continue and to diverge into your business responsibility.
        Other matters of taxes on religious organization property as well as contributions to your Ministries are solely your personal responsibilities. One Word of Honor  ordained Woman is now in the process of taking private property and turning it into a Temple of Worship. She will receive the benefits according to her religious pursuit.​

        Feel free to contact organizations and well to do sensitive Individuals to support a Mission plan you have designed. Contact City and Town Halls to discover old abandoned buildings and lands that are up for grabs for the ordained and non profits. One newcomer to InterFaith is to open a Chapel of Interfaith ordination, she will charge a fee, recall it is all for free with me, Reverend Danny De Gug aka De Guglielmo. One may open a spiritual business and earn a living this way, go ahead, recall becoming a non profit religious org and record all the financial doings of your business.
Know your benefits! Know yourself! Understand peace and live wisely.
      We give you full legal authority to begin your own ministry to perform all ceremonies, including; Marriages, Baby blessings, funerals ,Farewell services etc.       Create your own Spiritual center, develop spiritual and social sciences and apply your imagination to your dreams to make them come true.Myself, i created two TV programs, one in Boston and one in Cambridge and it is saturated with Love and Interfaith. Be yourself, express interfaith ministry in ways of service and family love!


Sunshine of the Americas Foundation is a non profit 501 C3