Welcome to the Arts Program of the Americas .

Welcome to the Arts Program of the Americas .

Welcome to the Arts Program of the Americas .

​​​​Above is an example of a three fold work of art

Indoor and Outdoor Works of Art Program for the Americas

The twofold program with one goal of fairness, honesty and respect!

We at the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation aka Cambridge Sunshine Foundation are petitioning to have our Proposal on two levels received and to receive gifts and grants for the Masterpiece Art programs that involves the cooperation of over 500 cities and their respected governments.

The first part, the Indoor Work of Art program involving the installing of handsome and beautiful pictures in every classroom or corridor in each School. Libraries as well will receive a donated picture, of course they all are framed in plexiglas for safety.We seek your financial support and trust, your friendship and sensitivity to assisting to bring true cultural respect to our Native Peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Budget of these framed classroom/library images is less than 75 dollars a piece, unless they, the framed pictures, at times are exceptionally large.

To insure such, we pledge to supply fully the artistic and financial process of each work of art. We need your support and funding, our Native Peoples of the past are deserving of honor, our Native People of the present need the raising of their self esteem and all our Children of today and tomorrow are worthy of this enterprising cultural phenomena. The hundreds of millions of Children that are coming on and about to come on the drama of life in this Western Hemisphere are most rewarded by this artistic set of plans,yes, by your fairness and charitable support.

How so?
The Indoor Art Program

By the presentation of cultural and educational pictures and murals we will see our Children of this Hemisphere evolving in their knowledge and understandings. The Land and Root People that they were borne into, and that being free, it is obvious that honesty cries out for human decency and respect to be given, created and fully demonstrated.By the Treaty of Destiny and the Amendment to our and all Constitutions in our Hemisphere we will be creating true pictures and murals for our Children to see and to learn their most wonderful Roots. 

The double Art programs are two important parts of the whole Treaty of Destiny. For this We need your support to achieve! To succeed we need your creative imagination and faith in our wonderful, colorful People and the funding of these programs.We will clearly and accurately outline the full price of each project that your organization supports; we will have at the base of the Works of Art the respectable mentioning of your Family's name / Organization’s title as the contributor. Your support to further the cause of Beauty and Culture, Honesty and Truth and to end racism against our Indigenous Peoples of the Western Hemisphere will not go unrecognized.Your Family / Organization will be a true American Hero to the cause of America the Beautiful.

Our next Proposal,
 Outdoor Works of Art

Our Goals:

Our funded Works of Art programs will be hiring Native American Artisans and outstanding sensitive Americans that are truly on board with the cause of the Treaty of Respect. {the Treaty of Respect can be found at the page Treaty Of Destiny it presents the Eight major programs, one of them is the Works of Art program aforementioned in this Proposal}To continue, the Artisans will accomplish in time over 500 outdoor Works of Art in over 500 major cities in the Western Hemisphere.These outdoor Works of Art will be installed in permanent, prominent places in each City; all these Works of Art will have special features and will reflect community standards and Native Traditions, local Native culture.diversity and technical matters will be explained.

Each Work of Art will have a uniformed foundation that means the foundations are standard measurements and metrically designed sides will allow easy sliding in and out of the Work of Art. This will create a sharing of the Arts program that will travel as an exchange program in the Hemisphere.This would mean for example the Work of Art in Lima, Peru will be removed through the unlocking of the sidings and then transported, in this example to Boston, Massachusetts. The one in Boston would be sent to Lima, Peru for educational, artistic and cross cultural reasons. This of course creates education and cultural development, as well as friendships with all the Hemisphere Nations.

Such flexibility, such diversity and such unity has been unheard of, yet we, we seek with your help to be heard and to complete this creation! This stimulates true diversity, history and education; this envelopes our Hemisphere with true friendship with our Root Peoples and all peoples!

Our Budget

The Works of Art program reflects community decisions and Unity with the Artisan’s Philosophy. The Works of Art could be traditional or a presentation of both traditional and contemporary. We at the Cambridge Sunshine Foundation appeal for only culturally correct and G rated presentations.An Example:The artists need not always be Native American Indians, we want Artists that have deep respect for our Indigenous Peoples.An Artistic presentation of three designed murals. That is three sets of designs and they are respectfully 4 feet high by 6 feet wide, 4 feet high by 8 feet wide and another, a third work at 4 feet high by 6 feet wide that is within an area that is thirty feet long. All three works would be on a raised level of starting from three feet. This will make its height 7 feet tall.Then the Artistic work that is graphically designed on paper will be computerized and projected by industrial producers onto the Art Boards aforementioned with ink that will be permanently baked into the metal board. Total cost installed and all construction and artist fees will be under 20,000 dollars for a set of three in one location!

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