First! Be an organizer, start moving your local community in the direction of wholesome clean fun instead of being overwhelmed by alcohol and drugs.How do you do this? Become a non profit and get more dedicated people like yourself to work on the goal of clean community

Lots of Media outlets to contact and tell of the programs at Word of . Please volunteer instead of day dreaming, please assist the local community and world neighborhoods with your voices and writings. We need you!

Become a non profit 501 c3 and create the Inter-Faith Movement you were destined to design.

Step 1. Establish a Nonprofit Corporation

This a state-level process that establishes a nonprofit, corporate entity by the filing of Articles of Incorporation. The vast majority of nonprofits organize as corporations for a variety of reasons, including liability protection for the officers, directors and other key individuals.

Other parts of this initial process usually include obtaining a federal tax ID number (FEIN) from the IRS and the preparation of bylaws, the governance rules the board of directors must follow.

Step 2. Obtain 501(c)(3) Status

This next step is much more complex than incorporating. To obtain 501(c)(3) status, a nonprofit corporation must apply to the Internal Revenue Service for recognition of tax exemption by filing IRS Form 1023. Relatively speaking, forming the corporation is fairly straightforward (assuming that one completely understands the process). Applying for 501(c) (3) status, on the other hand, is quite subjective.

Form 1023 itself is up to 28 pages long. With the required attachments, schedules and other materials that may be necessary, it is not uncommon for these submissions to the IRS to be more than 50 pages. Think of Form 1023 as an IRS examination. Instead of an audit of a tax return, the 501(c)(3) application process is more like an audit of proposed (and/or previous) activity. It is a thorough examination of the organization’s governing structure, purpose and planned programs. The IRS is looking to make sure that the organization is formed for exclusively 501(c)(3) purposes and that its programs are designed to fulfill these stated purposes. In addition, the IRS is looking closely for conflicts-of-interest and the potential for benefit to insiders, both possible grounds for denial.

Step 3. State Compliance Issues

Thought you were finished with Step 2?  Not quite.

While obtaining 501(c)(3) status grants your new nonprofit federal tax exemption, there are several other, critical issues that must be addressed.

Charitable Solicitations Registration – This is a required registration in 40 states and is usually administered through the Attorney General’s office, though not always.  Most states require registration prior to soliciting donations.
State Corporate Tax Exemption – Most states recognize the federal 501(c)(3) status as valid for state corporate tax exemption.  California is a big exception, requiring its own application and review process for charity status.  Several other states require a separate application, but those are typically simpler registrations.
State Sales Tax Exemption – Many states grant an exemption to charities that allows them to purchase items for use by the organization without having to pay sales tax.  Applying for exemption usually requires a nonprofit to have already obtained a 501c3 status.

Start the best parties on Friday and Saturday nights that will give the young and the young in heart a great opportunity to go dancing, enjoy buffet styled foods and lots of live music. Compete as Inter-Faith Ministers to non violently overthrow the crude life style of drug and alcohol addictions and abuse. Contact friends to become Interfaith  Ministers and start your own movements. Start these parties soon as well as a sport bars that gives a clean atmosphere to enjoy athletic events. Share the joy of knowing the Creator that bestows on us all mind levels to invent sports and to be a blessing to all that enter into our Social and InterFaith programs. Be a light to all!!!



Join the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation to bring social and economic healings to our States, Regions, Nations, Continents, Hemispheres and World.

How can you help? Visit the Educational and Volunteer site. Word of

By becoming Members and Volunteers, we are and will be spreading good will through our Words that are seeds and our writings that are dominoes of wisdom. To complete the missions your volunteering is necessary to help our world.

Please spread the message to anyone on visiting Word of and see and work with our Native American Indian programs, with our Book Club programs, for our Interfaith Ministerial programs, with our Experiment 7 that will lower unemployment to zero in 4 months in New England. Please support:

Click & connect to Western Hemisphere Consulates to talk or write to them about the Amendment of Honesty.

                                                           Amendment of Honesty

“We the People, honor and respect our Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere as the Mothers and Fathers of the Land.

Whereby: We the People recognize Native American Indians as the Ancestors, first Agriculturists and first Veterans of the Americas”

Magnify this Amendment! Let us honestly and with nurturing make it the first Amendment in all Nation States in our Western Hemisphere. See why we need to do it and how we can do it. All Early Childhood Educators believe it should be the First Amendment. Because of the social and chronological truths that Children need to feel.

Also, support the Bi Annual Holiday weekend in honor of our Native American Indians of the past, as first Agriculturist, as first Veterans and more; a real memorial and thanksgiving Holiday. Celebrate the Holiday Weekend.

See the Book Club Phenomena and see how it is the most important educational program for our School Children and Society. Join in and spread the great and good news.

Why volunteer? We need you to support this Foundation with your Volunteer writing abilities, through e-mailing to your Friends and Associates. Through Face Book and Twitter etc. you can make contacts and start the ball rolling and make all these dreams come true. Let us be Community Activists, Membership is Free!

Danny De Gug,Minister, Musician, Artist
Founder of this Human Rights Organization
Cambridge Sunshine Foundation-501-c3 Dino Dinapoli, Executive Media Officer of Art

Angel Aiguier , Executive Consultant and Media Expert


You have all the rights as an ordained Inter-Faith Minister to create a non profit 501 c3 too. Make sure your Bylaws are honorable!  Click on this link to find a form to start your footsteps to becoming a nonprofit

We as a community local or throughout our state,province and nations need to take a close look at the strategies we simply can install with cooperation in our communities. to arrest the problems of excessive numbers of addicts have committed unfortunately to a life of physiological conditioning, the rest of us are challenged every day by their losses.

First we start as a team of people with the understandings that we can organize a small party for 10 people. Even two people can arrange this if they take their time and accept the challenge. Invite a School Committee member to talk at the event or a City official or two to share the wisdom of the right choices to create a better community.

Second, your team needs to have a space outdoors or indoors. You need to set a time for this event. You need to invite a musician for entertainment or a duet, trio etc to lighten the place up. Your team needs to be interfaith minded and united with the goal of a high moral atmosphere for these kinds of interfaith social parties. Atheists and agnostics I suggests you welcome to come to celebrate the high values of this kind of social and moral minded new club event.

Thirdly! I now commission you a volunteering Leader of Interfaith Social Action and it is your responsibility to build a great yet maybe small group that could enlarge one's community. To create social club facilities in your community to advance the cause of sobriety, beauty, entertainment, fun and unity with diversity is our and your goal. We are not opposed to the social pleasures of night clubs and their pleasures that are contained. We are asserting our need to join them in bringing all in to the realm of beauty with entertainment.


Telephone volunteering!!!     Call the consulates indicating your understanding of the Book Club Phenomena as essential to all schools to have in the beginning of every school day. Yes the reading club for one hour each day is to develop social skills and awareness of personal expressions. In a Book Club it is one of the most important events for students, teachers and parents so volunteers please know fully the meanings of the Book Club Phenomena before witnessing to consulates or anyone on this important undertaking to safeguard liberties, freedoms and peace.   Recall to witness to anyone, including parents, teachers and students, go any place and any time to witness about the wonder and beauty of this most important educational program.

Click here to be connect to knowing and understanding the Book Club Phenomena; essential to volunteering.