Synopsis:We use the 2 sided card to identify ourselves and to apply it as our employment and debit/pay card. Every way of organizing jobs will be employed to create the maximizing of the entire unemployed into full employment. About 11 percent of the population needs this quick fix to make jobs real through investment in human dignity and development. The credit is given and the jobs are created by a fair minded society. EXPERIMENT in 7 States at first to see if we are successful, You and all will see that with full employment that it is Christmas season all year around; everyone will benefit, rich,poor and middle class. The money comes from credit and investing in humans not Walls or disoriented wallets. True capitalism is at hand and the way to make it real is full employment credit.

What is EXPERIMENT 7???

Environmental Architectural Designer, Donna Maria knows Experiment 7 can work; She tells us to experiment with a debit and credit card system or you/we will never find full employment concepts and the conclusive truths about employment! Below are designed 2 sided cards for this Experiment 7.

  A true Credit system in part is Experiment 7, yet mostly work and play, go with the true flow

Experiment 7 is simply using our common sense instead of a Gold pipe dream system, a Wall Street addiction to conditions in order to survive.We need to make the credit/debit and create jobs that reflect our education; we need to create a debit card system that functions on trust, not gold or the market. We need to end unemployment checks with a full employment plan that immediately gives out the jobs that provides immediate work and earned monies. We believe in the Capitalistic system to continue with all the bells and whistles, also we believe in being fair and honest to our People in need of employment.

Full employment means it is Christmas season all year around!! Get it,Get back, Get Going, Get Experiment 7

The most difficult decision is to experiment, so many people are afraid to experiment so we suggest 7 States like New England, New York and to try this great plan to improve Capitalism to its highest development, for all the People.

                                Experiment 7

for one and all! as "We the People" are meant to know  it and  to live with a great sense of the pursuit of happiness, let us therefore unite in this great experiment! 

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Our goal is to reach every Village,Town and City with Experiment 7

Experiment 7 is Avant GardeAvant-garde (French pronunciation: ​[avɑ̃ɡaʁd]); from French, "advance guard" or "vanguard") refers to people or works that are experimental or innovative, particularly with respect to art, culture, and politics. We need your help to recreate the new/old system!

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The 2nd point: How workers are to be paid (by Debit cards?) The Workers are a great part of life and deserve full respect and all  pleasures of success. We need to establish monetary codes for all supplemental jobs that reflect the standards that are existing with jobs at present. Examples: School Teachers are getting starting pay in Massachusetts 37,000 dollars for 9 months out of the school year.

​With additional jobs created we now enjoy a large number of Tutors that will be servicing all schools at the same base pay. Wow, unheard of and necessary to advance society to become a greater civilization.

​The 3rd point
:  Where the money is to come from?

​Wall Street does and will have its regulations and games. Experiment 7 does not interfere with any social actions in the Financial World, it actually enhances and magnifies quality regulations; resulting in zero unemployment.So, we the People must be protected and have our regulations made by compassionate debit card regulations.

     Whereby Full Employment is supreme, superior to the dying mortal clash of a system of greed and self disinterestedness. The new-system remains perfectly capitalistic yet works on the concept basis rather than a gold standard or a greed process. We need to experiment on the debit card basis and a state of mind concept to easily produce the new success system. Otherwise, just continue to be living a rotten system where people study to get a career and are many times left out in the cold.


The Point #4: How infrastructure projects are to be selected, managed, and by whom? (federal, state, you? who?) HOW THE DEBIT CARD AND EXPERIMENT 7 WORKS FOR ALL OF US! First we must remember that Kings and Queens, the extremely wealthy, the clever created the system we live in today. This is not true for all nations, sometimes it is the ruling class of the powerful military, such as Cuba,China etc. Recall the rich rule the world system by large and by far! They set the world standards for they are in control. Yet what about the middle-class and poor, how can they now today contribute with power and votes? 

          Once again I repeat the question point 4: How infrastructure projects are to be selected, managed, and by whom? (federal, state, you?, who?)Experiment 7 is managed and paid by the Federal,State, Municipal governments and non profits with full authority to create jobs in association to federal,state and municipal monies that are designed by the-new process not of gold standards, but by superior and much more compassionate forms of intelligence that fully know the workings of this great Experiment 7. That is IT! To elaborate... Compassion is necessary for the poor and middleclass to get out of the rut,even the rich will become richer.Common sense tells us  that it will be Christmas season all year around.

This is the 21st century and we need a new system with some of the old and great,best ideas they have to make the economic world perfectly spin.Full employment can exist in our truest capitalistic society.Many thousands of economist have been duped by the Kings and Queens of life, the forceful outlines of what causes us to be duped too.  LIES!Let us experiment and find out the truth about the economy designing or are they terribly afraid we will discover truths about their totalitarianism and dictatorships that only resemble in small ways our precious capitalism,even super capitalism, freedoms. By poor management,darkened rules and regulations that always seem to side with the rich and powerful.

           This must come to an end. Recall economists have stated quote "Many times we need a never ending circle of 5 percent unemployment. It is not good for all people to get what they want for jobs. War is good for the economy." All horrible crazy minded lies against the poor and middle class even the rich shoot themselves in the foot.Where does this happen?This is first completed in a 7 State experiment, with full employment occurring by the ways and means of federal,state, municipal and non profit monies created by and on the foundation of pure reasoning. 

Let us do some simple Mathematics, summation of the Experiment 7 Plan!The Formula for Experiment Seven is:Private Sectors that creates jobs, but, do not actually create the money, plus the Government Sectors that does create the actual money by creating the money and jobs, equals full employment! You can never,never rely solely on the Private Sector under the present ways and means. 

            They, the rich, enjoy now what they have had historically; we the People need to have today, full employment to make this reality living history and its future continuum sustained by reasoning and fairness.IN other words this means the Government bears the task of creating almost unlimited jobs and pays everyone one through the creation of controls inside the new Agency called Jobo. Jobo is where everyone receives an honest to goodness job that reflects their education, individuality and pays each person according to the fair market value set by standards in the New Ways and Means committee.

​The lottery winners did not work to gain enormously, they took chances to win big, and they did, do and will. How about Jobo, where it is winning big for all the people, Experiment 7 is a reasonable and clear solution, let's play; let's try, let's do it! Wall Street gambling and investing keeps jerking around the whole system, Jobo goes beyond Wall Street and we as a whole Nation remain within a form of social security that is matchless!

             Do not misunderstand I am for all the games of Wall Street minus its intrusive meddling with Jobo! Jobo is a free capitalistic side of the Americas and will place into order the entire Hemisphere! Only self centered economist would not experiment, only greedy rich people would continue to enslave!Examples and Points:Negative and positive effects: Unemployment means a lost of action, a negative, employment manifests a more positive life, action.  

The 5th point with question: What impact this program will have on our debt, tax payments, competing businesses and unions?  

When we, all, are employed that means that the flow of unemployment checks no longer are flowing and leaking out monies, all monies are in full employment and all are paying taxes into the system to make it, the new system, even greater with prosperity and true social security. First example: We see we have one million unemployed in a region; of such a large number of unemployed, people that receive the unemployment benefits are continuously making less than their one time employment pay checks.Bad economics: The loss of work and money for some leads to depression and dependency and discouraging thoughts. Leads to prostitution in some women's lives. Leads to crime in some men’s lives.

               This is not the way it ought to be and we need to experiment with the highest levels of true economic principles and compassion combined.The region in this example we are looking at has 9 million employed, one million unemployed, thus making it a 10 percent unemployment rate. To bring this to a full 100% employment we need to make the changes from one time unemployment offices to employment offices.Now we change the scene to People coming into the Employment office, formerly the unemployment office, and receiving their new identification card/debit card/work card after being screened for their work potentials.You know in medicine we have the word "catabolism" it means the metabolic process in which energy is liberated for use in work.Like the body, we as a body of Workers need to express our energies, our purposes to reach our goals!

We can easily do this with the right system in place, that is Experiment 7; recall no experimenting and you will never find out if we have the Truth!Before receiving the special card, they, the Workers, receive a 20 to 30 minute group presentation, next in the presence of a work counselor they, the unemployed, submit their resume and receive an immediate matching Job with a placement in the choice of a selected area to work inside. The choice leads to a new identification card/debit card/work card/Job.The next workday they begin in the designed outlined work environment.

                All monies on this will come from the Federally controlled Employment Bank System, E.B.S.The monies worked for and given will assist all of us as a Society to make great progress in this super capitalistic system known as Experiment Seven. How so?As more and more People express their earnings in the form of Savings Banks, Investment Banking, Stocks, purchasing of new property, new cars, all sorts of commodities for one’s pleasure, the economy will always be on the bustling Christmas Season level.It requires little faith in this Experiment Seven, try it as a society or still live in the confused, disorderly, abusive, diseased and criminal system of this World.

​                The reason why we say little faith is because this is a most logical plan and requires little faith}Join with me and take the helm of decision to steer your ship in the direction of the way, the truth and the pursuit of happiness. Keep Experiment Seven and we will reap tremendous rewards as a Society!Martin L KingJoin the Spirit of Martin L. King to lower unemployment with Experiment 7 and to do this in a most intelligent and peaceful manner. Super Capitalism is honest and filled with unselfish service, it is full of freedom and respect for all classes; poor, middleclass and rich.The effects of  Experiment 7, a micro synopsis.   The sixth point:Architectural Engineers together with the Employment Social Engineers will create tens of millions of Jobs in construction for New York,New Jersey and New England. We will have a surplus of Jobs.This will be true for Electricians, Plumbers, Masons and all the Private Sector businesses/Jobs that will prosper as a direct result of this true and great Experiment 7.

                See the Debit Card above will be issued to all new Employees.Again, and in other words, Educational Engineers and Employment Social Engineers will create Hundreds of thousands of Tutoring and educational jobs in New York, New Jersey and New England.All Children will have at least one hour of Tutoring a week with a professional educator. The new location of your Job will be on the new Card, as well as the name of the Organization of your new job. See the above card, it is really simple and clear, logical and compassionate.The Government of the People, for the People and by the People! The Government will create the employment opportunities, the Debit Cards to pay the newly employed. The Security System to make it foolproof against fraudulent behavior.

Experiment Seven give it a try or we will never know the truth!
If you/we do not experiment we will continue on this roller coaster ride right into the next super depression!

​                   See the backside of the new employment card below.THE CARD IS ABSOLUTE SECURITY AGAINST FRAUDTHIS SIDE HAS ONE'S RESUME ON ITTHE DEBIT CARD IS KEY TO ZERO UNEMPLOYMENTEVERY NEW EMPLOYEE WILL RECEIVE A DEBIT CARD The 7th Point: What does it mean for all of US?  In turn the Private Sector will benefit and it will be a Christmas season of business all year around.How? You must ask!Because the spending with a fully employed society will create an action of receiving monies. Then spending and purchasing by said monies, will be greater and greater, allowing the flow to become a Christmas Business Season all year long!!!Great for Department Stores, great for the Auto Industry, great for the Condominium constructions and great for Schools etc and for the all around Business spirit. Do not be fooled by present day applied economic rules, those laws are to be redefined and newly applied.

                   This will enable the gold and golden rule to overcome greed and all shades of wickedness and slavery. Lovingly,compassionately and wisely demand a change in consciousness, send a letter on Experiment 7  Experiment 7 do or die economically, give this a chance or keep repeating yourselves with economic catastrophes.We need little faith to get Experiment 7 to be a success, because it is logical. Author of Experiment 7 is Minister, Artist & Musician, Danny De Gug. In the past, they the Big Businesses and Governments stole our Lands and Identities. Please do not allow Wolves in Sheep's clothing to steal your dignity too. As for today, many Economic conditions are still self centered and are personified as parasitic. Work with Experiment 7 to discover what are the truths for all of us, discover the simplicity of new regulations and the Wonder of it, Experiment 7. 

                    Then begin to rebuild nonviolently and with a renewed spirit, apply this  and we will soon see more Jobs by the tens of millions, less crime, less poverty and less corruption;more prosperity, more peace and a more harmonious  society,  community. When we write a document and create laws to abide by those rules we make a system. As any board game to purchase in the Toy section of a department store is designed by its makers, Hasbro, Parker Brothers etc etc     We see that the World around us is also made in systematic Government Board games created by the powerful, by the puppets, pundits and the so called elected and elected of a conditioned system, a set of elite board games. Do you think it speaks for itself ?Super Capitalism aka Experiment 7, is honest and filled with unselfish service, it is full of freedom and respect for all classes; poor, middle-class and rich.

​                       The Beast does not want the Children, the World to have the right to experiment. 
Contact your friends and families.Write a thoughtful letter, to your Congressional Representative, contact a Representative, urging he or she to reach out to join in on the Experiment 7.  Make a Phone Call, please tell one and all to visit www.WordofHonor.org today! Please suggest to them to read,write letters to the Editors of your Newspapers. Call a Radio Show, speak at a Public Event. Place an Ad in a local Newspaper! Make a contribution of time and money to Cambridge Sunshine Foundation aka Sunshine of the Americas Foundation in care of East Cambridge Savings Bank 292 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 02141.