​             ​The   Book   Club  Phenomena

​​Colorful  role models are what our children need; the Book Club scenes are the best models in Education!

secular and not a religious presentation! 

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The summarized curriculum of the Book Club Phenomena aka Sunshine all around the World.

The Book Club Phenomena Strategy 
At the beginning of every school day, the first forty minutes will be developments for reading clubs.
The students increasing in reading abilities and memory skills will receive those talents as the main benefits, yet socially they will increase in friendship and true classroom club bonding. Class discussions on all sorts of relative ideas to the books they are reading will advance individuals and everyone culturally! Young children in towns and cities, all teenagers and young adults are aware of the need for citizenry to make them feel safe; our children prepare the future, our strategy is to prepare them with reading and social skills. Period!!! That is it in a microcosm!

​We, the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation, need your endorsement and assistance pertaining to these questions regarding a major school development titled, “Sunshine all around the World" aka the Book Club Phenomena. Volunteer! Become a facilitator, a leading presence to guiding your school principals, teachers, parents, students and citizenry to the strategy of the Book Club Philosophy!

First question: Will you assist to make book clubs in the first period of every school, every day when you see and understand this strategy?         

 We need your assistance and commitment to share with school authorities, parents, teachers as well as students for opening the door to improved conditions for our children. In the strategy, it is readings and discussions at the beginning of the school day, every day, that structures freedom, enthusiasm, individuality and group awareness to the most inspired levels. We present a program titled “Sunshine all around the World” that highlights book clubs to the utmost, will you please work to make it real?       

  Personal responsibilities, social skills learned in book-clubs leads students to a well rounded enthusiastic education. Involving parents, teachers and students, “Sunshine all around the World” is a program of commonality, of common sense. By strategy, sociologically, we are suggesting that all school systems adopt it for the beginning of every school day. Reason is, because this time of the day our children are most receptive, are most accepting to new and innovative ideas and experiences. The first forty minutes of each day is a perfect climate for the psychology of the dynamics of the most important educational strategy in the history of the World; the Book Club Phenomena. 

The Book Club Phenomena is exciting!

Another question: If this is vital to parents and students will you please work in your community to present our/their/your Book Club Phenomena?       First and foremost: The Book club atmosphere with discussion group awareness and the development of personal responsibilities, communication skills, social skills and a great evolving of reading skills is paramount, it will always function in the first class and in every school. Second: Books on occasion that focuses on cultural awareness studies that of course evolve the students to cultural and social developments. The creator of the Book Club Phenomena has spent over 25 years in Book Clubs.

Third: At times, book studies on law and order that enhances respect for true leaderships will be available.      

 Next question: If you claim to be a leader do you think this is the most important strategy to raise a higher standard for civilization? If it is not what could you do to improve our school system?

Please contact us-Sunshine of the Americas Foundation a 501 c-3 793 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Ma. (617) 876-4144

Ages of Discovery

1st: Second grade through fourth grades: Each student will experience a community book reading program each day at the beginning of the day for the first 30 minutes. The program attracts the younger-with information in reading and attention to read and comprehend what others read aloud. Stories, basic science, music and social graces are part of the first reads in the beginning of the school day . The students will exercise reading, singing/music skills, physical exercises and social communications in politeness and personal responsibilities. Book club development with an emphasis on reading aloud and the Teacher interpreting the reading for these students will excite bonding of teachers, parents and students.

Ages of Expansion

2nd: Fifth graders through eighth graders: A more serious look at discovery now leads to communications each day on the current events of the news and also on all sorts of topics under the sun. Book reading and discussions on the books are experiences to mastering the language and sharing clear ideas on the reading materials are paramount for advancing to the apex of civilized actions. {True diplomatic qualities are rising in the developing stages of this time period}In the 7th and 8th grades, students now begin a 40 minute book club phenomena program at the beginning of every day.

These 40 minutes as first period every day periods will follow through all of high school years!

Ages of Purposes, Aims and Goals

3rd: High School students continue to advance in vocabulary, communication skills, reading abilities, self control with personal responsibilities now maximized. This is preparing them, our Students, for the future and decisions they will need to make to reach greater exploration of purposes, of requests and aims of personal choices and family or individual goals. This curriculum for Teachers, Parents and Students is paramount and an absolute necessity : Sunshine all Around the World!  
Recall! It is always best at the first period of the school day and every day of the school year.

The Book Club Phenomena will reward students, parents,teachers and all of society!

If you claim to be a leader do you think this is the most important strategy to raise a higher standard for civilization? If it is not what could you do to improve our school system?

​ We are asking all School Systems to truly give to all Children the real gifts of a lifetime, the Book Club Phenomena. Personal responsibility, self control, social skills explained, family values on an inter-cultural level that will impact one and all to be more and more respectful of one society and another! The strategy is the Book Club Phenomena with social skills exercised daily!

​School Renaissance aka Book Club Phenomena is a program of common sense and we are suggesting that all School systems adopt it for the beginning of every school day. Yes, once again we must share this important sociological time of the day; the first forty minutes of each day will have the dynamics of the most important educational program in the history of the World.

Read the program it is quite simple, clear and profound; the future of all the locals are at stake! Be fair: there are 9 forty minute periods in a School day and this program is the most important and always stands at the beginning of the school day! Why? Because it is primary thinking and sharing, opportunities abound in these Book Club discussion groups with a potential of thousands of subjects in the Book Club Phenomena. 
School Renaissance aka the Book Club Phenomena is the strategy!

In 4 brief points this is a great image of School Renaissance aka Sunshine all around the World:

First: the first forty minutes of a 9 forty minute,8:30 am to 2:30 pm school day will have School Renaissance aka The Book Club Phenomena. Teachers, Parents and Children will have a choice of thousands of subjects, books and topics to introduce to our Students in a Book Club atmosphere.

Second: There will always be social awareness points to begin the meetings, those cardinal points would only be an introduction to the first period.

Third: A few social awareness points are; personal responsibilities, communication skills, social skills, self-control, self respect, Family affairs, book club togetherness etc.

Fourth: Continuous opportunities for Students to grow and unfold there minds and characters. Continuous discussions to prepare them for there curriculum of 5 and 6 other subjects in the School day. Recall there are 9 forty minute periods in a Student's Day. Students will still have plenty of time left over. The Students will see less crime, addictions to alcohol and drugs will decrease and unwanted pregnancies will diminish. Increases in communication skills, social poise, a well balanced sense of life and personal responsibility will lead one's thinking to clear purposes in life.

Here are 9 strategic  pointsfor conducting a successful School Day, it is called “Sunshine all Around the World”; also known as School Renaissance and the Book Club Phenomena! First, Be fair: there are 9 forty minute periods in a School day and this program is the most important and always stands at the beginning of the school day! Even every day a one hour reading club would be best to develop focus, togetherness, and social skills that could grace a person for life.

Why? Because it is primary thinking and sharing, opportunities abound in these book club discussion groups with a potential of thousands of subjects and a period for 4 cardinal Points:
A: Personal Responsibilities

B: Communication Skills

C: Self Control and

D: Social Skills

The first two minutes or so is to be a social awareness point, after that the class is facilitated by the Teachers into a Social discussion period on the Book club, current events or any Academic study, CSF { Cambridge Sunshine Foundation} suggests a G rated presentation every day.

Second, Be consistent in being interested in all the ideas you filtered for the discussions, recall that the period reflects goals, purposes and aims. Children and Teachers will be the better and more focused for the rest of the day when they have these exercises in thinking, feelings and doings.

Third, Be Flexible. If a student argues that he or she would like you to reconsider a subject for discussion tell the student that you will be discussing this with your colleagues.

Fourth, Be Compassionate, The Book Club Phenomena is on feelings too, remember the feelings of your students, what they are sharing and acknowledge them.

Fifth: Be confident. You are the facilitator; you are the leader of the Book Club discussion group.

Sixth: Be Committed. Be committed to the cause of a better future for all the students. School Renaissance is the most effective program; violence will decrease to almost unbelievable levels, bullies may become extinct.

Seventh: Be ever cheerful and down to earth, encourage the Students and Parents in all ways. Note: Smoking which is a depressant will be abandoned for the personal responsibility pleasures of inhaling uplifting fresh air and true communication skills!

Eighth: Be inspired to make your own tips, be open to parental suggestions for the making of a great experience every day. Recall we are sociological beings and our children need this program as they/we need to breathe! They need our help and this assistance is comparable to the developments of the Boys and Girl Scouts clubs, yet, ever so more important! The effects of this will be overwhelmingly positive. Drug abuse will definitely decrease; self-control will increase! Alcohol abuse use will be brought to new lows, and personal responsibilities will come to new heights!

Ninth, Be connected: The spirit of Radio and TV talk is here, as our children progress on G-rated levels we are here for them; for their School Renaissance - Book Club classrooms. We want all children and societies to grow and grow all around the world! See the handwriting on the wall, and please be inspired to help our Teachers and Children!

Finally, all Teachers I strongly urge you and our Leaders to never extend the School day beyond the 8:30 to 2:30-time slot. There is 360 minutes, nine 40-minute periods in a School day. Plenty of time for 8 academic study periods, with School Renaissance - Book Clubs as the first, and foremost! Our teachers are wonderful and wonderful people need their Rest & Relaxation too! We know many of our Teachers need to prepare for the next school day, give them a break or they may break on us!


The strategy of the Book Club Phenomena - School Renaissance is here! Volunteer is a sacrifice, join in today!
Thanks! Danny De Gug is the designer of the Book Club/DVD Phenom also known as the School Renaissance Phenomena.
IF you can afford it please send checks in care of East Cambridge Savings Bank, Main Office, 292 Cambridge Street Cambridge, MA 02141 to the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation. Most important is to volunteer, not the money/donations, although we would be applying all of it to good usages. Thank you
Flag ship website is www.Word Of Honor. Org  and feel free to donate time, we need your support, please contribute.    Danny De Gug Founder, Health Inspector, Musician, TV and Radio producer and interviewer, Org Leader for ordination into Interfaith for Men and Women.