​                       Here are 9 points for conducting a successful School Day. 

It is called by three titles: The Book Club Phenomena also “Sunshine all Around the World”; a k a School Renaissance!

First, Be fair: there are 9 forty minute periods in a School day and this book club program is the most important and always stands at the beginning of the school day! Why? Because it is primary thinking and sharing, opportunities abound in these Book Club discussion groups with a potential of thousands of subjects and a period for 4 social points. 





The first two minutes or so will be a focus on a social point, after that the class is facilitated by the teachers into a social discussion period on a Book Club study  based on oral communications from books. From books about feelings we learn to think and act out our viewpoints. With plurality and not singularity, this and that brings all the students into a focus on books, on a common goal of realizing  stories together. Such dynamics increases focus, awareness, friendship and concentration and lessens isolation, confusion and attention deficit disorders.

      Second, Be consistent in being interested in all the ideas you filtered for the book discussions, recall that the period reflects goals, purposes and aims. Children and teachers will be the better and more focused for the rest of the day when they have these exercises in thinking, feelings and doings.

Third, Be Flexible. If a student argues that he or she would like you to reconsider a book/subject for discussion tell the student that you will be discussing this matter with your colleagues.

Fourth, Be Compassionate, the Book Club Phenomena is on feelings too, remember the feelings of your students, what they are sharing and acknowledge them.

Fifth, Be confident. You are the facilitator; you are the leader of the book discussion group.

Sixth, Be committed. Be committed to the cause of a better future for all the students. The Book Club Phenomena is the most effective program; violence will decrease to almost unbelievable levels, bullies may become extinct.

Seventh, Be ever cheerful and down to earth,encourage the students and parents in all ways to read great and down to earth books.

Note the good side effects: Smoking which is a depressant will be abandoned for the personal responsibility pleasures of inhaling uplifting fresh air and true communication skills! Books are to be read, and not smoked!

Eighth, Be inspired to make your own book club tips, be open to parental suggestions for the making of a great book club experience every day. Recall we are sociological beings, our children need this program as we need to breathe! They need our help and this assistance is comparable to the developments of the Boys and Girl Scouts clubs, yet, ever so more important!

The effects of these book clubs will be overwhelmingly positive. Drug problems will definitely decrease; self-control will increase! Alcohol use will be brought to new lows, and personal responsibilities will rise to new heights!

Ninth, Be connected: The spirit of Radio and TV talk is here, as our children progress on G-rated levels we are here for them; for their Book Club/School Renaissance classrooms.We want all children and societies to grow and grow all around the world! See the handwriting on the wall, and please be inspired to help develop reading skills for our teachers and students. 

Finally, all Teachers I strongly urge you and our Leaders to never extend the School day beyond the 8:30 to 2:30-time slot. There are 360 minutes, nine 40-minute periods in a school day. There is plenty of time for 8 academic study periods, with the Book Club Phenomena aka School Renaissance as the first, and foremost! Our teachers are wonderful and wonderful people need their rest & relaxation too! We know many of our Teachers need to prepare for the next school day, give them a break or they may have a breakdown on us!