Men and Women at work: Please join the Crew of Workers and spread this message of Liberty, the Fountain of Liberty! By your Facebook, Email, Messenger, Talking with Friends etc etc,

The Fountains of Liberty and the First Public Beach with the First Responder in the History of  the Colonials overcoming of the British Government, that is Paul Revere; we honor with a great symbol of love, the Fountains of Liberty! Please join us to honor all of ourFirst Responders in our time and place of the Western Hemisphere with this momentous and stupendous Double Set of Monuments of 305 feet tall as well as a 44 foot tall creation with  pedestals! Feel free to contact office to talk about this IDEAL!!!      (617) 876-4144 or write DannyDeGug@Gmail.com

Reverend Danny Founder and designer of the

Fountains of Liberty concept for Revere, Massachusetts and the Western Hemisphere. 


 This is my latest address to many fellow citizens including the Secretary of State, the Honorable William Galvin. His Excellency, Governor Charlie Baker and Madame Attorney General, Maura Healey.

         Dear Friends of Mr. Paul Revere of legendary 1775. My Fellow Citizens of these United States; the region of New England and City of Revere, Massachusetts: it is an honor to create an idea whose time has come; that is the Fountain of Liberty in Revere, Massachusetts. [An awesome comparison in size to the Statue of Liberty with pedestal, 305 feet tall} Also a close up version across the street from the State Troopers aka First Responders Headquarters on Revere Beach Boulevard. A glorious 44 foot tall Fountain of Liberty number 2 !!! A perfect reflection of number one out in the sea nearby. Again Fountain number 2 will be easy for all to access at the outer crest of  the First Public beach!

        The excitement of the City of Revere and enjoyments of the First Public Beach in the United States, the delights of honoring the First Responder of our Nation, Mr. Paul Revere, the pleasure of expectations to this monumental and historical theater is upon us! Revere and USA Leaderships, lead the way! 

        Now to proceed in DCR {Department of Conservation and Recreation} approval of these tasks, especially the central Water Fountain properly and rightfully titled the Fountain of Liberty with the First Public Beach surrounding it and Paul Revere's name honored in the foreground. 

        Thanks be to our Creator for blessing us with the freedoms and first responders of the USA. This glorious and marvelous historical monument will reach a height immeasurable to sight! 

        We now seek approval by all and respectfully urge the Secretary of State the Honorable William Galvin, his excellency Governor Baker and Attorney General Maura Healey as representatives of Legislators to move forward with a letter of desire and approval to seek stated Fountain of Liberty to be forwarded to DCR as a respectful request to begin the development of this project. 

         My Foundation the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation aka Cambridge Sunshine Foundation will fully invest in the business of acquiring declared donations of monies controlled fully by those Contributors to purchase all necessary equipment parts and labor to build Fountain number one. 

         First Conclusion: We will request of the Museum of Fine Arts or, and notable wealthy charities to fund this 80 million-dollar or plus first Fountain of Liberty. We seek the MFA funding exclusively for the first work of art. The MFA or all investors of charity will always, I repeat always control the funds to purchase piece by piece of the highest quality marble, granite. steel etc. etc. this glorious monument, our Fountain of Liberty. 

         Briefly, the design of this monumental presence, the Fountain of Liberty will be a pedestal of 150 feet tall with the Fountain of Liberty upon the pedestal at 155 feet above said pedestal and with ocean water inward moving through ultra-plastic veins to express outward an honor to Liberty and her beloved Servants, especially the Son of Liberty, Paul Revere! 

         Dear Leaderships please work with the precious and wonderful name of Revere, please discuss this matter with colleagues, college Presidents for contributions, sign on soon and we will at my Foundation professionally and respectfully urge the DCR to begin work and hopefully conjoin with the MFA and others if necessary, to receive the honor and supply the funding as soon as possible. 

         Thank you, Secretary of State William Galvin and Associates, please respectfully urge the DCR to follow our lead. With the best for the Peoples of this USA, New England and the City of Revere in mind and soul, 

Reverend Danny. 

PS I have served the handicap and serious ill for over 40 years. I have ordained for free thousands of people of all Religions to become ordained Interfaith Ministers. Go and honor United States Freedoms!!! See my site WordofHonor.org a 100 percent legal Religious Institution serving all.

 PSS My media reporter and paralegal James Peter Coughlin blesses this cause with Educator and TV producer Michael Quran, yes, we all pray and hope for Revere, New England and the USA.

        I can write a thousand pages about this project yet please continue with my updating the Fountain of Liberty. 

        Finally, all leaderships please encourage Sport’s team ownerships and wealthy charities to contribute to this great cause and preservation. Please forward the PDF Revere-Galvin to all your interesting and interested contacts and associates, including media outlets please.

Special Information for these times. .Black Lives Matter just as much as Blue Lives Matters!!!

Yet we see in Blue Forces, such as the Local and State Police, FBI, Interpol we are all colors and creeds; please lt us go forward. I am a long time TV Director, Teacher and Interviewer. My name  is Reverend Danny De Gug and i want to see a special holiday of magnifying the 500 thousand white people that sacrificed their precious lives to Free the African American slaves. We need to unite our Hands all people on a special eventful day, the first weekend after Father's Day, usually the first weekend of Summer. Let's bond together for freedom and unity amidst the past Civil War that set the stages for greater rights for all men and women. Remember the cry from Whites for honor fto our Black Brothers and Sisters. Sociological  was this great powerhouse of the United  States Constitution that lead to Lincoln then to Roosevelt then to now. 

Let us march as peacemakers forward and show our people we mean no harm only the rights to be totally free and united. I worked as the Head Minister of Healing at the Cambridge Health Alliance for 25 years.

I have served in Nursing Homes for over 40 years. My Word is  my Bond to YOU.

God is blessing us and marching forward to purify our minds and souls, uniting us not dividing. Love and Peace to all, Reverend Danny De Gug