Special Information for these times. .Black Lives Matter just as much as Blue Lives Matters!!!

Yet we see in  the Blue Forces, such as the Local and State Police, FBI, Interpol etc that we are all colors and creeds; please let us go forward. Let me connect and communicate the joy of unity to all of us. I am a long time TV Director, Teacher and Interviewer. My name  is Reverend Danny De Gug and i want to see a special holiday of magnifying the 500 thousand white people that sacrificed their precious lives to Free the African American slaves.

The Freedom Soldiers of all time that died were part of the Blue Force, We need to unite our Hands with all people on a special eventful day, the first weekend after Father's Day, usually the first weekend of Summer. Let's bond together for freedom and unity amidst the past Civil Wars that set the stages for greater rights for all men and women. Remember the cry from Whites for honor to our Black Brothers and Sisters. 

Let us march as peacemakers forward and show our people we mean no harm yet only the right to be totally free and united. I worked as the Head Minister of Healing at the Cambridge Health Alliance for 25 years.

I have served in Nursing Homes for over 40 years. 

God is blessing us and marching forward to purify our minds and souls, uniting us not dividing. Love and Peace to all, Reverend Danny De Gug

The Sunshine of the Americas is a Non-Profit 501 c3 Religious Institution and Charity. Our Foundation will seek out the 40 Million Dollars necessary to complete these 9 Fountains of Liberty/

Men and Women at work: Please join the Crew of Workers and spread this message of Liberty, the Fountain of Liberty! By your Facebook, Email, Messenger, Talking with Friends etc etc,

                The 9 Fountains of Liberty and the First Public Beach, Revere, Massachusetts; with the First Responder in the History of  the Colonials overcoming of the British Government, that is Paul Revere, are gloriously and inspiringly all connected!!!   We honor with a great symbol of love, our First Responders with the Fountains of Liberty! Please join us to honor all of our First Responders in our time and place of the Western Hemisphere with this momentous and stupendous 9 Fountains of Liberty.
We hope to place 9 Fountains of Liberty and they all tell a story of great periods in our Western Hemisphere in General

Our present day Fathers and Mothers of our Government as well as We the People will contribute to the 9 reports located next to and near each of these  9 Fountains. These Fountains will be in succession and be a major tourist attraction never seen before in these United States in particular and the Western Hemispherre in general. In honor of First Responders of the Western Hemisphere. Native American Contributions will be a part of these 9 Fountains of Liberty stories.
I like to report four points of Liberty in our  evolving History as a Nation. This is not to set or state a precedent or to say this is a way we must go; yet it suggests we need to go forward and upward with our American Dreams and Evolutions.
First: The American Dollar Bill when studied shows the attitude and full mindset of our Founding Fathers and Mothers with Religious liberty. Look it states on the dollar bill, In God We Trust, then it has a symbol of the Eye of our Creator. It is also a secularized financial note. Let's continue to pursue liberty and happiness, evolve. Washington was not perfect.

Second Fountain is a story Black Lives and  Lincoln. The Civil War was fought to free the slaves. Scholars and I agree that over 500 hundred thousand White Men, Women and Children laid their lives down to free the Black Slaves. Listen to deep minded reports not  the Cynics and the likes, we love Black People. 
Third Fountain of Liberty, we the people Honor Women's Right to Vote.

Fourth Level of Evolution for the United States, Animal Rights Protection. evolving  humanitarianism.
As I stated earlier this is not a precedent but an outline for what we can all do as contributors. Contributors not so much for funding but for the happiness Enjoy your own visions and participate in some manner to build the 9 Fountains of Liberty throughout Revere, and beyond, the title named after Paul Revere the apparent First Responder of Liberty against a foreign Potentate.

 Feel free to contact our office to talk about this developing IDEAL!!!      (617) 876-4144 or write DannyDeGug@Gmail.com

Reverend Danny Founder and designer of the Fountains of Liberty concept for Revere, Massachusetts and the Western Hemisphere.