Reverend Barbara Eberle

an Associate in ministry/adviser

The Ministerial Seminary of America, LLC was founded by Rev. Barbara S. Eberle, MA, OMC. Not to be confused with our Sunshine of the Americas Seminary of Interfaith. Barbara earned her B.S. in Behavior and Social Science through the University of Maryland, University College (Magna Cum Laude - a member in good standing in the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi) and her M.A. in Family Psychology with a focus on child abuse and neglect, through Vermont College of Norwich University.  Barbara is a Nondenominational Ordained Ministerial Counselor through Pathways of Light and maintains a focus on spiritual awakening.  The combination of academic and spiritual training has provided Barbara with a unique sensitivity to the variety of personal, family and spiritual issues that are so common to all of us.

Dino DiNapoli is a Musician and Artist, his works are among the most sensitive to honor our Native Americans. He works ambitiously in all his undertakings in Music and Art. Art Adviser

recent programs

 Book Club Phenomena, Experiment 7, Native American Holiday, Indigenous honors


Through our TV and Radio broadcasting  we make the difference in the lives of thousands. 

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and defend!.

our leadership team

Angel Aiguier is an outstanding film Editor and TV and Documentary Director,Producer and Interviewer. She is the Hostess on Radio CCTV and does great presentations on Music and Spirituality.

She is working on making Public Service Announcements for our foundation.One of three Board members of the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation a 501 c 3 non profit

Foundation History

  1. 1973 - Reverend Danny De Gug is ordained and goes on Peace mission  and his life changes forever.
  2. 1981 -   1996
  3. Donations gathered  for continuous dissemination of interfaith and volunteer service.Danny is ordained again this time by Reverend Barbara Eberle
  4. 1994 to 2011 Danny De Gug serves at Hospitals and Nursing Homes as Minister.

2003 @ CCTV the number one community access                      station in the United States with Danny De                           Gug  broadcasts live interviews of people                       from around world. Musicians,Artists,                           Writers,Photographers, and many                                 interesting individuals from all walks of life are interviewed by Danny.The shows go on and on....2014... 2015...

 2011-Word of Honor Seminary begins ordaining Women & Men.

  1. Word of Honor.org is formed in the 21st century, all aboard!!!


         Our founder

Reverend Danny De Gug Founder of Sunshine of the Americas Foundation and Seminary.

Health Inspector, Musician, Artists, TV Producer and Interviewer. Student of Anthropology.