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Amendment of Honesty

         Celebrate the dignity and integrity of our Indigenous!

The Amendment of Honesty and Hemispherical Holiday of Destiny

Biannual Western Hemispherical Holiday Weekend declared! Celebrate and bond.

Rejoice over our first Agriculturists and ancestors of the Americas! The biannual Holiday weekend is twice a year. in North America, once on the weekend after the summer solstice in June and then again in South America in December {actually summer time for them} it, the holiday, is based on the Amendment of Honesty that you can read soon.



Amendment of Honesty

“We the People, honor and respect our Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere as the Mothers and Fathers of the Land. Whereby: We the People recognize Native American Indians as the Ancestors, first Agriculturists and first Veterans of the Americas”

Please contact Teachers and Student bodies to move with a great momentum to study this amendment and to adopt it as the most important of all Amendments.

Why most important? Because it connects to the chronological ideas of the child's awareness of first steps regarding social environments; this is quin-essential to all child development.  Also, it gives the facts of first agriculturists and veterans, this exposes them to the great industrious sides of the Ancestors and courageous sides as well! Essential!Essential to respect and appreciation for the Mothers and Fathers of the Land!Love, Serve and Honor! Organize!Recall: This site is an educational and volunteer's center. Send Facebook messages, send E mails, send telephone messages, contact Social and Religious Leaderships and let them know aboutwww.Treaty.Tv Amendment of Honesty, Bi-Annual Holiday weekend, School Renaissance, Experiment Seven etc.Sundance requests of all volunteers to make dreams come true!

​ You are needed to assist in ways of truth, beauty and goodness, honor and love; will you volunteer today?Please give some of your Time to honor the truest identities of our Native American Indians, send some letters today, please call someone and reveal the Amendment of Honesty and the Treaty of Respect.Minister Danny De Gug; Work, Volunteer, Love, Act TODAYWhat we can do?Sign a Postcard and let your best Friend know!Write a thoughtful letter, let someone know your feelings!Make a Phone Call, talk about the truth and love you have for our Root Peoples!Send E-mails, Go to Face Book and tell everyone about the Treaty of Respect is our Destiny!Write letters to the Editor of your Newspaper;call a Radio show speak at a Public Event and on Talk Radio, be courageous!Meet with your Representative and Senators. Place an Ad in a local Newspaper! We can do a lot as a Team, join in as a Player and Volunteer Today!

Help to improve the web-site, give feedback by Telephone or E-mail.We have a million matters to attend to and you are one of us, let's get to work, start writing and sending messages; do more for our Native Peoples, our School Children and the well being of all in these matters of justice.This monumental Pyramid created by our Indigenous People is among the most monumental works of Art in the World today. See the best sides of our Indigenous Nations, value the quality of art,music and agriculture found in their industrious history!

One of the monumental cities created by our Root People of the Western Hemisphere. If your Asian, African or European descent, be honored about our Root People that this is the Land you were born into free.Many People are confused or opinionated about the use of the title American and the other title Indian. How do you feel and what do you think and how ought we approach in a respectful way our Root People.There is a great title for our Western Hemisphere Natives, it is "Root Peoples"

Did you know that the title American as it is applied most times to identify our Root People is more offensive philosophically than the title Indian.Yes, the title American is 100 percent Italian, no offense to our beautiful Italian Friends, yet it is a title given by the Multi National invaders and genocidal organizations that slaughtered a massive Root civilization.The title Indian is from the root of Indios meaning "In the Spirit of our Creator" a more sacred and respectful title is Indian.  Although, out of all fairness, as we grow in West Hemisphere Indian political and polite, correct organizations; we will see a new title, appropriate as Root People and truthful as Indian and yet not phony as giving them the ethnic title American.​

We as Volunteers are Students of this site, we are Diplomats in a search to find the best ways to know our Roots and communicate to our Town and City Peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere, the Treaty of Respect aka Treaty of Destiny, Amendment of Honesty, School Renaissance, Experiment 7.Recall the Treaty of Respect aka Treaty of Destiny are one and the same. The Treaty has and can be acted on today by any individual and group.The Amendment is different from the Treaty and must be ratified in order to be real. Yet We the People can promote the Treaty of Respect and the Amendment of Honesty in any organization. Religious Charters can declare it.Social organizations can proclaim the Amendment. Television, Radio and all the Media need to proclaim it as the reflections of truth and honesty. Of course there are Political Governments too, let's see their Honesty, Amendment of Honesty.Membership is always free. Join us by making a commitment, you need to simply get to work and share our Ideas and Ideals!

You are ready to Volunteer? Make this dedication statement below!Word Of Honor: I Agree as aVolunteer Diplomat to be honest and friendly; courteous and sensitive to the People we evangelize the ideas and ideals at www.Treaty.Tv We have pledged to respect each Person we contact and to always be courteous even if treated rudely. When the Person is respectful, continue to send emails and correspondences to He or She. Continue to work for the goals set before us. When the Person is rude, just say a spiritual well wishing word and end the communication. 

As an organization we will not tolerate or participate with those who perpetuate through action, racist words or deeds. An obvious agenda contrary to what is stated in the Amendment of Honesty, the Treaty of Respect, School Renaissance and Experiment 7. Including easy to see racist Flags, words and deeds of odious and greedy intents.    With opposition to Experiment 7 we will not work with the greedy. We will make overtures for them to join us and not waste time with those in opposition to a better World. Beware of betrayal, injustice or intolerance towards Human Rights and Dignity.  We acknowledge we are in the here and now and we pledge to do our very best to make it better for the billions and billions of People that will be coming on the scenes of life. Here in our Western Hemisphere we seek to bring greater Illumination and Civilization, even for the World. We work locally and think of reaching out to as far as we can. Take full responsibility for laying out the foundation of true authority for now and future generations. Download file to promote and proclaim in your State,City,Town,Village the Amendment of Honesty  Know your Roots!
Biannual Western Hemispherical Holiday Weekend declared! Celebrate,venerate and bond.