For more than 10 years, Word of Honor has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the needy, politically under-represented members, the disenfranchised of our global family. Here at Word of Honor become self reliant and personally responsible; learn how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through volunteering to get the Book Club Phenomena activated everywhere.

      Plus: Learn to be an InterFaith MInister in your spare time and make a full expression and rewarding life. You have every right to heal and help tired humanity. You may charge a reasonable fee for your services. Scouts Honor!

Also: How do we Honor our Native People in the most humane and honest ways, find out how by studying these pages and will you volunteer to bring true honor ???

You have all the rights as an ordained InterFaith Minister to create a non profit 501 c3 too.Make sure your Bylaws are honorable!  Click on this link to find a form to start your footsteps to becoming a nonprofit

Our Mission Statement is our purpose to serve all of humanity with ideas that inspire and to love with an everlasting love!

We seek to expand our programs to everyone and we need your help. Volunteer today. Thank you!

Be creative! Be spiritual! Be Free! Be wise as an administrator of your own organization! Know oneself!

Recall  our official title for our Religious/Charity is Cambridge Sunshine Foundation doing business as Sunshine of the Americas Foundation.

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Perfectly fair and absolutely legal.... its all for all of us that hear the calling of freedom and love.... Reverend Danny De Gug

​​​​​           By-Laws, TENETS and Mission Statement

                                                                 Cyber Temple of Word of Honor.org


Sunshine of the Americas Seminary of Interfaith

Some By Laws

1. As adherents of Love, Beauty and Goodness we take inspirational ideas as our Bonding with the First Source and Center as our sufficient guide to eternal Life. Diversity is the gift of the First Source and Unity is the goal of the wise!

 2. We acknowledge freedoms of the press, speech and liberty to be an InterFaith Minister in all true National Constitutions as well as the freedoms that are protected to all human beings in the United Nations Charter and its statements of religious freedoms to be the Great Path in this World.  

 3. We are all students; as students We respect one’s conscience and convictions to be who one wants to be or become; as long as it’s non violent in its intrinsic nature.

 4. We cheerfully pledge our courage to make sure you can be the person you want to be spiritually, morally and socially. We make available at Word of Honor.org the free template for you to download and dedicate your life to service as an InterFaith Minister.

5.Students of Life and Love!!!Volunteering and serving to whatever capacity that you can is sufficient for the purposes of your accepting the calling to be an InterFaith Minister.

6. You enjoy all the rights and privileges that any religious leader enjoys; in other words you are on equal footing with any of those leaders.

7. Study and ponder all truths that inspire your heart and soul. Grow peacefully in knowledge of healing love and wisdom to develop peace, be free in the Spirit who designed all of us.

8. Recall all your profits and earnings belong solely to you and your new organization; you are independent in more ways than one. Financial and admin  activities done by you are your personal responsibility. Keep abreast of your tax codes and your obligations to life and those you serve. YOU owe to me no fees or monies; you serve our Creator and the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity.   You are totally free and independent,  a new Interfaith Minister and a new entity, a new organization in the workings. Grow and become the full expression of wisdom! Consider becoming a new Temple of Interfaith and start your own website and build bridges with love and your Words of Honor.

​A legal 501 c3 is  The Sunshine of the Americas Foundation also known as The Cambridge Sunshine Foundation... My Name is Reverend Danny De Gug aka De Guglielmo--Founder--thank you --- Peace and Love