Amendment of Honesty

“We the People, honor and respect our Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere as the Mothers and Fathers of the Land.

Whereby: We the People recognize Native American Indians as the Ancestors, first Agriculturists and first Veterans of the Americas”



Special request: We are asking you to Volunteer to ask many School Teachers and Students to present this honorary Amendment as the First Amendment in classrooms as a stand of respect for our Mothers and Fathers of the Americas. The politicians and certain other Leaderships are not going to honor our Root People!


 Do as the inspired minds of Teachers and  Students, do this for our Hemispherical Indigenous Peoples, and of course for and of People as yourself.


The above synopsis as the Amendment of Honesty,  is the legal and short version and is suitable for presentations in classrooms of all Nation States in the Western Hemisphere. This honor toward the Mothers and Fathers of the Americas  is based upon knowledge and experiences of early Childhood Educators. Also in an opinion poll that exceeded 25 thousands people 99 percent favors improvement regarding the image of our Mothers and Fathers of the Americas.


 It, the Amendment of Honesty is highly recommended by the Childhood Educators to be the first Amendment in all Constitutions.Why?  Because of chronological and spatial discernment of all Children; this gives to them, the Children and all, an awareness of truth regarding the Ancestors, the Mothers and Fathers of the Americas and a sense of true place, social identity and bonding rather than a life long mindless sense of living without roots.


 Furthermore, it is legal for all Religious, Social and Media organizations to make copies of this Amendment of Honesty and promote this most important of all Amendments in all walks of life.

Volunteers! Anyone that reads and acts upon this Treaty of Destiny is a Volunteer, please give a little of your time, send this most important Document to city and town officials, religious and community leaderships, to One and All !Ask them and all to accept the Nine Major Programs aka Treaty of Respect. We ask Individuals, Families, Community and Social clubs to join in and Volunteer to spread messages of the Treaty of Respect and the Amendment of Honesty!

Nine Major Programs also known as

"Treaty of Destiny"

 "Treaty of Destiny" Nine Major Programs is In honor of our Native American Indian Artists, Musicians, and Farmers!

The Sunshine of the Americas Foundation knows this Treaty of Respect will dramatically Influence the Culture, Society and Civilization of the Western Hemisphere in a most respectful way!   

1st: National and Hemispherical Holiday declared on the first weekend of Summer, all summers, ad Infinitum; in honor of our Native American Indian Farmers, Musicians, Artists and Native Indigenous Educators of the Past, Present and Future. Let us party as a Hemisphere, a true Thanksgiving, a real Memorial day weekend and a Treaty of Respect! A Treaty of Destiny! 

2nd: Educational Banners honoring our Native American Indian Farmers, Musicians and Artists of the Past, Present and Future within all Educational Institutions. Native Peoples are our Mothers and Fathers of the Land “Our true Common Denominator”. As Flags are placed in each classroom, let us place Banners recognizing contributions made by our great indigenous Peoples.  

2nd a. For tens of thousands of years on millions of gardens and farms the Native American Indian Farmers were the Stewards of the Lands. All varieties of Tomatoes are not from Italy; the Italians did not make a red sauce until the 1800’s. All the Peppers are from the Americas, not from Holland. The Potatoes are not from Ireland; the Irish never ate Potatoes until the settlers brought them back. All Squashes and Corns are indigenous!  

2nd b.Chocolate and Vanilla are Native American Indian treats, let us have a Treaty of Respect. How many times have you heard children state, “Let us enjoy some Native American Indian Chocolate?” Cultural feelings, Yes! Cultural ignorance, No! Since Chocolate is our National and Hemispherical candy, let us bond with them as we recall their Stewardship of Chocolate. We are asking all Chocolate Companies to paste on wrappers and boxes a one line honorable mentioning of our Native American Farmers as the first Chocolate Makers.  

3rd: Educational Banners honoring our Native American Indian Farmers of the Past, Present and Future within all Supermarkets. Banners above the Produce section will indicate high regards for our Root Peoples. These educational Banners displayed one week a season will increase our respect and awareness, will expand our focus on the land that into we were born free. 

4th: Works of Art designed by Native American Artisans and any Artists with sensitivity, this is with Community requirements in over five hundred major cities throughout the Americas! 

 5th: Public service announcements by means of Radio, Television, Magazines, Newspapers etc. This will be presented on a regular basis to honor our Native Peoples for being great Artist, Musicians, Sculptors, Farmers and Educators! “Our Root People” outstanding People!  

6th: School committees throughout the Hemisphere will request and respectfully urge the Schools to suggest to Students to read books and visit websites on Native American Indian Histories; this will increase true awareness for where we are in life! This is an absolutely necessary social development for clarity and understanding of oneself, and one’s social environment. 

 7th: Curator of the Living Museums of the Americas; with Curators in each State, Province and Nation! The Curator is someone who knows and understands the Environments of the Americas, is a Native, and will be able to articulate to young and the not so young the Goodness and the Beauty of the Americas. The Hemispherical Curator will become involved with traveling the entire Hemisphere. This Curator will be a true World Leader, someone to know and admire.     

8th: Our First Veterans. The Constitution of Truth is timeless and the spirit of it was there when they were betrayed by past terrorist. Our Native People were the first to die for righteousness in the Land.  Volunteers, please join in with me to communicate the Eight Developments, Eight Programs; Treaty of Respect necessary to advance the Americas. We dedicate ourselves to a true Treaty of Respect to our Native American Indian Peoples! Tell everyone to visit www.Word of Honor.org      Membership is always free. Cambridge Sunshine Foundation aka Sunshine of the Americas Foundation; Cambridge, Massachusetts; Danny DeGug Founder, Minister, Musician, Artist, TV Director, and Interviewer.  

9th: Promote a peaceful resolution to acquire 10 percent of all state and provincial parks. For the perfect purposes of homesteading respectfully designed to blend in with the public parks and natural beauty. For agricultural development to stimulate the inspiration of the thousands of years of love for the Land and respect for new sacred burial grounds. No casinos allowed and no exploitation by anyone.
Please join in and spread

The Treaty of Respect aka Treaty of Destiny