Chichen Itza is a monumental pyramid built by Native Americans.

Native American Indians as agriculturists gave to the Irish all the potatoes they enjoy. They the Native American Indians gifted Italians and the rest of the world with Tomato sauce and Salsa. The children ofthe world were given the Chocolate as a direct relationship with the Stewards of the Americas.

Yet June is the best time to salute the Mothers and Fathers of the Americas with a Holiday in their honor. My Foundation continuously pleaded the case of honoring our Native Americans. Finally through its influence and the work of many U.S. Senators they declared November, Nat ive month. In our view they must have been drunk with foolishness to pick November. June is the best or one of the best months to respect and honor the Mothers and Fathers with a  great National-Hemisphere Holiday.December is summer in South America, celebrate then too!


Because our Natives were the first Harvesters, during March remember to give thanks to our Creator as the First Planters in the Americas!

Our first Agriculturists and Harvesters!
      June is Winter in South America! June is Summer in North America 
         On the first Saturday and Sunday after the Solstices and Equinoxes it is a celebration
            in honor of our First Ancestors of the Americas; the first planters and first harvester. Celebrate with memorial meals in their honor!
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                  in religion, art, science, literature, culture and justice!

Special Point!

Our Goal and your goal as Volunteers are to reach every City, Town and Village with the Amendment of Honesty and Bi Annual Hemispherical Holiday weekend-Treaty of Destiny! This is a Dream Center, make dreams come true by your volunteering!


                               Amendment of Honesty

“We the People, honor and respect our Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere as the Mothers and Fathers of the Land.

Whereby: We the People recognize Native American Indians as the Ancestors, first Agriculturists and first Veterans of the Americas”



Special request: We are asking you to Volunteer to ask many School Teachers and Students to present this honorary Amendment as the First Amendment in classrooms as a stand of respect for our Mothers and Fathers of the Americas. The politicians and certain other Leaderships are not going to honor our Root People!


 Do as the inspired minds of Teachers and  Students, do this for our Hemispherical Indigenous Peoples, and of course for and of People as yourself.


The above synopsis as the Amendment of Honesty,  is the legal and short version and is suitable for presentations in classrooms of all Nation States in the Western Hemisphere. This honor toward the Mothers and Fathers of the Americas  is based upon knowledge and experiences of early Childhood Educators. Also in an opinion poll that exceeded 25 thousands people 99 percent favors improvement regarding the image of our Mothers and Fathers of the Americas.


 It, the Amendment of Honesty is highly recommended by the Childhood Educators to be the first Amendment in all Constitutions.Why?  Because of chronological and spatial discernment of all Children; this gives to them, the Children and all, an awareness of truth regarding the Ancestors, the Mothers and Fathers of the Americas and a sense of true place, social identity and bonding rather than a life long mindless sense of living without roots.


 Furthermore, it is legal for all Religious, Social and Media organizations to make copies of this Amendment of Honesty and promote this most important of all Amendments in all walks of life.

Volunteers, we need your help to send messages to Facebook-E-mails-Family-Friends etc! By sending messages of honor you are a spontaneous member of the Treaty.Tv club and family! Welcome and thank you.

Reverend Danny De Gug aka Peter Williams with family; Reverend Janet, Aunt Reverend Joan and Trinity wish one and all the best.

Feel free to call our office @ 617 876 4144

              When visiting the Wampanoag Nation in Mashpee,Massachusetts I was greeted by the Tribal Chief and Tribal Council. When speaking to them they showed a great interest in the work I was and am doing. They await more updates and an improved and more honest America.
 Will you help to make a more honest America by Volunteering today? 
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