This will be a real adventure for our kids and our selves to take the challenge. We all know how challenging a new language is or can be; lets offer to all school systems that challenge for teachers and students to learn 5 paragraphs in 5 different languages over a period of one year.  To speak the same language is the goal of this paper. We need your moral and social endorsement to promote in all United States and Canadian Classrooms this seeming uni-speak. We need your support and efforts to make this real for all students beginning in the school year as early as 2018 or in mid terms of 2017. Lets create a set of fun languages to advance the cause of education and social development among all our world's children and adults.

This work begins in the United Nations as well as in the educational facilities of the United States. We need our politicians and educational leaders to build bridges across the world. Will you sponsor our work at the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation.

Will you walk with us with this great cause of the early stages of a universal language for our confused world. The time is in your hands to make a change. Contact my office to promote the best universal language as a second language for all the major nations and all nations. China, Russia, India, Europe, Africa, all English speaking nations need to adopt this world unifying program. In a mere 50 years we will have an amazing change of social bridges, one great set of  Universal languages that respects one and all major mother tongues.

This program will always respect all traditional languages to be within the rights of all people to choose as one's primary choice, yet we want to see in our schools the development of this world wide set of uni-speak to advance communications among all air traffic between between servers and the served, between diplomats and religionists. Let us form a world of bridges, language is very important to complete this mission of unity. Join us!  

Our Goal is a set of Languages in our Schools of North America and of course the World!