Hindi Quotes About Success

  • Vahi sabsay tej chalataa hai, jo akela chalataa hai. 
    means,One who is walking alone, walks fastest.

  • Pratyek achchaa kaary pahalay asambhav najar aataa hai.

  • means, In the beginning, every good work looks impossible.

  • Uddyum hi safalataa ki kunji hai. 
    means,Hard work is key to success.

  • Ekagrataa say hi vijay milati hai. 
    means,Concentration is essential to ensure victory.

  • Kirti virochit kaaryon ki sugandh hai. 
    means,Fame is another positve outcome of acts of bravery.

  • Bhaagy saahasi kaa saath detaa hai. 
    means,Fortune favors the brave.

  • Safalataa atyadhik parishrum chaahati hai. 
    means,Success needs very hard work.

  • Vivek bahaaduri kaa uttum ansh hai. 
    means,Wisdom is an important part of bravery.

  • Kaary uddyum say siddh hote hai, manorathon say nahi. 
    means,Work gets done through industry, not by wishes alone.

  • Sankulp hi manushy kaa bul hai. 
    means,Determination of a person is his main force (power).

  • Prachand vaayu mein bhi pahaad vichalit nahi hote. 
    means,Mountain stay still even against very strong winds.

  • Karm karanay mein hi adhikaar hai, ful mein nahi. 
    means,You have rights to do your work, but not in their results.

  • Mehanut, himmut aur lagun say kalpanaa saakaar hoti hai. 
    means,Wishes get fulfilled with hard work, bravery and persistence.

  • Apunay shaktiyon pur bharosaa karnay waalaa kabhi asaful nahi hotaa. 
    means,One who believes in his own capabilities, never becomes unsuccessful.

Hindi Love Quotes

  • Muskaan prem ki bhaashaa hai. 
    means,Smile is language of love.

  • Suchchaa prem durlubh hai, suchchi mitrataa aur bhi durlubh. 
    means,It's difficult to find true love, but even more difficult to find is true friendship.

  • Ahunkaar chhoday binaa suchchaa prem nahi kiyaa jaa suktaa. 
    means,Without leaving aside your personal ego, you can not love someone truly.

  • Prasunntaa swaasthy deti hai, vishaad rog detay hain. 
    means,Happiness makes you healthy, enmity makes you sick.

  • Prasunn karnay kaa upaay hai, swayum prasunn rahanaa. 
    means,To make others happy, you must remain happy yourself.

  • Adhikaar jataanay say adhikaar siddh nahi hota. 
    means,Only a claim to your rights is not sufficient proof that you really have them.

  • Ek goon sumast dosho ko dhak letaa hai. 
    means,One strong positive attribute covers all your discrepancies.

  • Dusaro say prem karunaa apunay aap say prem karunaa hai. 
    means,Love others to love yourself.

Hindi Quotes About Time

  • Samay mahaan chikitsuk hai.
    means,Time is the greatest healer.

  • Samay kisi ki pratikshaa nahi karataa. 
    means,Time never waits for anyone.

  • Hur din varsh kaa survottum din hai. 
    means,Every day is the best day of the year.

  • Ek jhooth chhipaanay kay liye dus jhooth bolnay padatay hain. 
    means,You've to tell ten lies to cover the first lie.

  • Prakriti kay sub kaam dhiray-dhiray hotay hain. 
    means,In nature, every change occurs at a slow pace.

Hindi Quotes About Learning

  • Binaa guru kay gyaan nahi hotaa.
    means,You can not get knowledge without a teacher (Guru).

  • Aapki budhdhi hi apkaa guru hai. 
    means,Your wisdom itself is your teacher.

  • Jigyaasa kay binaa gyaan nahi hotaa. 
    means,Without curiosity, you can not learn well.

  • Binaa anubhav kay koraa shabdik gyaan andhaa hai. 
    means,Without experience, book learning alone is inadequate knowledge.

  • Alp gyaan khatarnaak hotaa hai. 
    means,Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • Karm saral hai, vichar kathin. 
    means,Action is easier, Contemplation (Ideation) is more difficult.

  • Updesh denaa saral hai, upaay bataana kathin. 
    means,It's easy to advise but difficult to resolve.

New Year Greetings In Hindi

  • Nav varsh kay aagumun pur haardik badhaaii
    means,Heartiest greetings on the arrival on New Year.

  • Nav varsh shubh ho. 
    means,Happy New Year.

  • Nav varsh aapkay jeevan mein umang laaye. 
    means,May the New Year bring abundant joy in your life.

  • Nayaa saal aapko nayaa anubhav dey. 
    means,May you get new experience in this New Year.

  • Nav varsh aapkay liye hitkaari ho. 
    means,May this New Year be beneficial for you.

  • Nav varsh mein hur kadum pur aapko safalataa milay. 
    means,May you get success in each of your endeavres during this New Year.

  • Nav varsh mein aap falay, foolay. 
    means,May you grow healthy and strong this New Year.

  • Nayaa saal aapkay liye laabhdaayuk ho. 
    means,May this New Year be profitable for you.

  • Nayaa saal aapkay liye nayee khushian laaye. 
    means,May this New Year bring new happiness for you.

  • Nayaa saal aapko nayaa utsaah pradaan karay. 
    means,May this New Year give new joys to you.

  • Nav varsh sukh, sumridhdhi say bharpoor ho. 
    means,May this New Year be full of good life and prosperity.

  • Nav varsh mein aapki sabhi mano-kaamanaaye poori ho. 
    means,May all your desires get fulfilled this New Year.

  • Nav varsh mein bhaagy sadaiv aapkaa saath dey. 
    means,May you always remain lucky this New Year.

  • Nav varsh mein aapki din dogooni raat chougooni tarakki ho. 
    means,May you grow by leaps and bounds this New Year.

Some Other Hindi Quote

  • Dhun apnaa paraaya nahi dekhataa.
    means,Money is temporary.

  • Jaisaa ann, vaisaa mun. 
    means,What you eat, affects your mind.

  • Ahimsaa suvottum dhurm hai. 
    means,Non-voilence is the best religion.

  • Bahumut ki aawaz nyaay kaa dyotuk nahi hai. 
    means,Voice of masses (popular opinion) doen not signify justice.

  • Anyaay mein sahyog denaa, anyaay kay hi samaan hai. 
    means,Helping injustice is as good as being unjust yourself.

  • Viswaash say aashchary-janak protsaahun miltaa hai. 
    means,Confidence gives an amazing boost to your spirits.

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