Below is a license with its 2 sides for you to download into 30 ml plastic, make a signature line on side 2,side 2 is on the right. Perfect and Legal.

        Ordination is Free for those giving their                            WORD OF HONOR

Feel free to print PDF of Ordination with red borders then sign your name,perfect, you are absolutely legal and authorized to perform weddings, baby blessings, serve in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Prisons as an Interfaith Minister. Add  this to a degree in social studies and you could receive a Chaplain's position!

​Recall to meditate, read deeply about Love, Truth,Spirit, Soul, Life, Joy and Sorrow, be compassionate, be a sympathetic Minister, be a self educated and enlightened person!STUDY LOVE LIVE PEACE

Print with black borders a PDF of Ordination Template  and then sign your name and place your town or city's name and you will have all the rights and privileges of any Priesthood, Rabbi, Imam, Minister etc.  All for free!!!

End social dishonor and spiritual poverty for women!

Ordination is available to become interfaith ministers today. Then study and work with on the job training; as you already have to some degree!! Remember this is your life-long commitment!

Women have brains and great hearts just like men, be free to be ordained, be all that YOU can be as a spiritual minded person!! Also below in the image of Sarah is a link, click on Sarah's picture and it will take you to about ten or more links to find out more about Sarah.

This is Sarah Takagi, a professional Teacher and Pianist and She, like anyone ordained, has full authority as an Interfaith Minister. Sarah was ordained by Reverend Danny De Gug and she has authority to ordain you with all the rights and privileges to become an InterFaith Minister. With your commitment you will receive the authority to ordain as many as  receive you and so it will be true for all others ordained, and so forth for all!.See the Benefits page

You are totally Free to download the ordination template then fill in your name and address and with great dedication you will be officially ordained an Interfaith minister! All of this is for free!

Congratulations!! My designated signature is on the PDF.

Danny De Gug, aka De Guglielmo InterFaith Minister and Founder

Recall to learn your rights, responsibilities and privileges! Any questions feel free to call us at the office # 617-876-4144 or write....

Sunshinemilkyway@yahoo.com   Email us, thanks

LOOK!!! Below, click on the World and receive the template ready to print as an ordination certificate!!! All for free and recall to pray,meditate and study,live a life  of Love and service, make a sacrifice give and receive Unity and Love !