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​​8th  By-Law. Recall all your profits and earnings belong solely to you and your new organization; you are independent in more ways than one. Financial and admin  activities done by you are your personal responsibility. Keep abreast of your tax codes and your obligations to life and those you serve. YOU owe to me no fees or monies; you serve our Creator and the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity. You are totally free and independent,  a new Interfaith Minister and a new entity, a new organization in the workings. Grow and become the full expression of wisdom! Consider becoming a new Temple of Interfaith and start your own website and build bridges with love and your Words of Honor.        Reverend Danny De Gug.

Our - Your Ordination is for free! Your ordination enables, empowers you to be on equal footing with all leaders of any and all religions. Ordained Interfaith Ministers are devoted to universal love, to bring fairness in our society. Interfaith Ministers never interfere with personal faiths of any religion that demonstrates peace!

***You are an Independent, free and legal Interfaith Minister! You are personally responsible for all your doings/actions/words and deeds. Thousands of People have received encouragement and ordination. Build your own Interfaith website. A word, to the wise, remember before performing a wedding even though you are legally ordained you need to follow your Nation's rules. Marriage is only one legal expression. The State does not ordain you! We, Religious powers are separate; Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque etc. etc. are different powers from the State. Yet we, States and Temples, work with each other to make a better and a most clear administration of services for all of society. Each province, state and Nation differs at times. Make sure, make certain, research and be the best student you can be today and tomorrow. Ponder! If necessary register with your province and state, find any rules in your Nation before performing important types of service that are questionable. This is an International opportunity, in and beyond the USA. We are a non-profit Religious & Charitable organization-a 501c3 our EIN certified number is 06-1800239 we are the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation aka Cambridge Sunshine Foundation, Massachusetts, USA. (617)876-4144

Self Training! BE a dedicated Student for life! Know one's Responsibilities! Be a bridge! Receive authority instantly to ordain others.    You are on equal footing with any religious leader.    Receive an ordination certificate to be an Inter-Faith Minister!

Click for Download, then print it, sign it, frame it; absolutely Free & Legal. Be a community builder and give your Word of Honor; make a decision to help our World.Reverend Danny Dee Gug. ***


Free Ordination, Free Certificates, Freedom to be yourself...I created this Word of Honor a legal & free religion 

Dedicated to the First Source and Center of all Life

Devoted People from all Walks of Religion I will ordain into Interfaith Ministries.

All worshipful People that have felt rejected I will accept and ordain.

Now you are an InterFaith Minister, ordain others by your word and if you like to create certificates of ordination do that, build a website too and spread the gospel of Universal Brotherhood and Sisterhood!

        Hi my name is Reverend Danny De Gug. aka De Guglielmo. Why do we make it easy to be an InterFaith Minister? Because your decision of Love for one's Word of Honor!  Because forces made it extremely difficult for centuries, yet we design it to be refreshing and easy! Yes, if you are a devout Jewish individual, a dedicated Islāmic soul, a pure Christian mind, a holistic Buddhist heart, a profound Hindu spirit and Others that are Worshipers of the Divine Mind, Love, Spirit; if you pursue and seek with all your Heart, I will ordain You now!

 On the job training is exciting and challenging!  Be Self reliant! Be Self Determined!   Be Self Expressive!      Learn your uniqueness and have a true personal sense of your responsibilities. Be the person of Faith you want and be empowered with Equality.  Study sensibly, where and when  you desire; in and with Spirit & self training you ponder and serve openly as expressions of Love.  

         Its perfectly legal, free and a worthwhile study & adventure. Recall your soul, your will and Word of Honor! Its easy when you have love; and study for the rest of your life with purpose and direction.We are a non profit Religious & Charitable organization-a 501c3 our EIN 06-1800239

Cambridge Sunshine Foundation aka Sunshine of the Americas. Build Bridges!!! Perform legally weddings in free nations! Start your own Party & Study group! Temple!    Recall your benefits and responsibilities!    From your friend, Founder, Danny Dee aka Danny De Gug. SunshineMilkyway@yahoo.com

Self-Determination-Self Expression- Self Reliance-Devotion-Purity of Motive-Uniqueness- Privacy-Being Responsible

If you desire please send a letter or check to

Sunshine of the Americas Foundation

aka Cambridge Sunshine Foundation

in care of East Cambridge Savings Bank

at 292 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141​

A donation of money is never necessary.
Thank you everyone that supports our

cause to advance Student's freedoms,

Women's and Men's rights in religion. Volunteer!
Danny Dee Gug is the Founder of the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation.

 617-876-4144 office feel free to call 

Surrender to​ Love; that is the Way

All images on this site were given by Go Daddy or Google free images sites;some are own by the Word of Honor.org site. Let us do our best to respect copyrights, please let us know if you see any matter out of line, we will correct it immediately. Recall this is a non-profit and educational site. Thanks for your patience, Admin (617) 876-4144

Reverend Danny, Cable Tv producer; Founder of Word of Honor.org

  You are Legal!!! Based on the U.S. Constitution!                  ​Download copies of ordination and ordain and confirm others to be Inter-Faith Ministers too. Help them to self train and learn responsibilities. Come together! Enjoy Food and Community Feasting, InterFaith Parties. ​

Consider expanding into your own non profit and building your own website to create ordination for thousands, millions of people!Remember to study your responsibilities Feel  free to call the Office-(617) 876-4144

Meet Our Team

Enàtch neèn ánowa - Let our words of Love stand.
Interfaith Religious and Volunteer Organization www.WordofHonor.org

From: Reverend Danny De Gug aka De Guglielmo;Danny Dee
Founder, Religious and Human Rights Organization
Cambridge Sunshine Foundation-aka Sunshine of the Americas Foundation-501-c3

Linda Clave is  an Adviser of Art; Dino DiNapoli associated Art Expert too.

James P. Coughlin

Administrative Assistant, Sunshine of the Americas Foundation 
Angel Aiguier ,Consultant and Advisor

Andrew McGrath, Consultant

Reverend Wayne Robinson, Director of Public Service Announcements, Commissioner of Ordination of TV and Radio

Reverend Scott Mac Nair, Associated Consultant
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Locally, nationally and internationally @ Word of Honor we honor Women with free ordination into interfaith ministries to become interfaith Ministers. Men Too!!!

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