The power of addiction can be  erased by wisdom. Remember the point that you are deep inside, 

powerful and wise, download it now and apply in every temptation. You reflect the Creator's

omnipotence and goodness as well as wisdom. you are a reflection of this truth, first understand it to

a certain and entertain self control to a greater degree as you realize.

Realizing that weakness is error is an absolute necessity to opening this particular revelation. So let us

begin with three points that will compliment each other in realizations. All three will become reflections

of each other and there creating an awareness. First, look at error and understand its less meaning, less

value and conclude at times as nothingness, how do we do this, gain understanding?

By comparison! For look at the equation 9 times 9 equals 81 and is a perfect solution. You see recall

that any false answer will be discounted by the order of mathematics as an error and an illusion,

non existing. 

An addiction is an error as in mathematical errors, so does the mind work mathematically and disproves

a false answer or addiction by understanding that it is an illusion, an error and does not exist in the

principles of good health and quality living, freedom. Catch the swing and rhyme and you will feel

freedom. Remember! You must meditate and you will understand this first point and you will begin an

awareness a personal pattern that will evolve both you and your surroundings.

Second point. You need to study and live this personal pattern. Pick up a news article and follow this

reasoning. Examples: One thousand people die from heroin overdose each month in the Western


All this and those individuals experienced states of minds that determined this condition and self

destruction. Human errors and bad decisions caused all of these misfortunes upon the last one thousand

to die. All mortal mind and mischief of the human thoughts. Realize that the errors of those deciding

have mortal illusions that do not and never existed in the principle of good and meaningful values,

health. Bad decisions are once again liken to illusions in the math class where errors never exist

accept in the false perceptions of mortal mind and its mortal decisions.

To be continued soon, please excuse any typos this is truly the first draft. 2/5/2016 noon time.

Thanks Reverend Danny


​​​​Breaking the Barriers/Creating a true identity

In order to create a new identity a real identity we need to open ourselves to new ideas.In dimensions we live and express a positive or negative. As we realize so are we created by our decisions. Look at the puzzles in mathematics, we master simplicity and ascend to more complex questions in studies. So it is true with values and meanings. We structure our realities many a times by our own conditions and decisions.

This is how to cast out errors from thinking! First, by an acceptance of the true identity, by the awareness of order as in values as the true and real and the disorder, addictions as false and lost of meaning means its meanings are nothing or unreal.

Keep up this theme and priceless principle with every problem. You will solve each problem you are challenged with with a true identity that is pure and wise versus impure or uneducated.

For you see that in myth and math the question 2 and 2 is 49 does not exist in the principle of  law and order of Truth therefore the error does not exist in math principles yet only inside the mortal, human condition. When you experience this theme in your own unique way you will strengthen your muscle in your mind and make your soul feel at peace. Try this exercise with True identity and honest and loving, good and pure and you can cast out lust and greed and confusing perceptions about race colors. 

Faith is important yet understanding is absolutely necessary to develop your mind and soul.


​Which of us prays to know math answers, it is ok to pray for a developed mind and expanded perception but we also need to talk and study with people that know the Truth. Study this way of developing your mind by acceptance of Love as real and principled and hatred as unprincipled and of no value. Again give Love and true purposes your acceptance and grow in life as a true person with meanings and values, with quality and directions toward Love. 


if Love is true, it is worth living forever!

 The Ultimate Doors will open as easy as can be with no creek sounds, all of this is waiting for all of us as we continue to ascend.

The wave of a new age is upon all of us that are liberated and will be upon those that stand firm with spiritual evolution.  Opening the door to being open to Truth and as the Children of our Creator, be humble and wisdom will be key to opening these Mystery doors.