Guidelines for communicating on this matter of the Animal Realm Holiday. Please volunteer to Facebook, Twitter, E mailing, talk about it; this great meaningful holiday. We ought to encourage people from all walks of life to celebrate wherever in their own unique ways this great Holiday!

1st Give a warm welcoming to the listener. Communicate the fact of September 21st, 2018 is to honor our Heroic Animals serving as first responders. Serving the visually impaired, serving the many types of disabled citizens etc.
2nd September 22nd: Remembrance of  abuses and neglect of Animals. Remembering the animals unlawfully and abusively suffering from the hands of torture in unnecessary experimentation and social abusive situations.
3rd September 23rd,, Sunday, recalling the  human heroes; explain animal rescue personnel/leagues, explain Veterinarians and associates in his/her offices assisting these wonderful companions of our family of humankind, the Animal Realm. 
4th Please ad lib and be inspired to share from your heart your perceptions and even experiences with Animals. Remind your listeners, that on this weekend of the first weekend of Autumn, 2018 to eat a vegetarian meal each day as a meditation to demonstrate an act of nonviolence towards our Animal Kingdom!
Reverend Danny... Sincerely!


The Gifts of Living Love from the Animal Realm to us!!!

Let's learn more about respecting our Animal Realm


​Join in the Remembrance Celebration of the International Memorial Day In honor of our Beautiful Animal Realm

Announcing 3 Days of Meditations for the Memorial Day Remembrance Celebration in honor of the Animal Realm from Friday, September 21st, September 22nd, Saturday, and the first Sunday of Autumn the 23rd of September. Celebrate and remember the value and valor of animals with a vegetarian meal each day in your home, with friends or with your local community!

Share this announcement!!!  1st Meditation - Friday September 21st, 2018

The focus today is to honor and remember heroic animals that have been and are part of teams of first responders in emergencies; furthermore as therapy animals and service animals. Recall or read expressions of heroism by animals who saved lives, stopped crimes and guide/assisted physically challenged brothers and sisters.

2nd Meditation - Saturday, September, 22nd The focus of this Saturday meditation is to honor and respect all animals throughout history who were subjected to violent attacks, long-term mistreatment, exploitation and suffering for our human needs. We honor animals in their suffering from cruel and scientifically unnecessary research experimentation. Pray that we, as a local community and global family, will be sensitive and aware of our personal responsibility to contribute to stopping the present day exploitation to all unfortunate abused creatures of Nature. Meditate

3rd Meditation - Sunday September, 23rd. We honor and bless the compassionate humans who devoted and devote themselves to aiding those in the animal realm such as pet owners, veterinarians, animal shelter staff, volunteers, benefactors, animal rights organizers, animal rescuers and adopters who are humane caregivers. Consider focusing on the beneficent work of ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and its founder Henry Bergh; also George Thorndike Angell, MSPCA promoter, an early advocate for the humane treatment of animals. Meditate on all well wishers and activists.

​Globally! Use these meditations and your personal participation by choosing these three days of 3 vegetarian meals and reflecting upon the virtues of the animal realm. { Of course you need not be a vegetarian to participate in these days of meditations and remembrances} Locally! For those in the Greater Boston area, please attend the Memorial Remembrance at the Mount Auburn Cemetery (where Angell is interred) on Saturday the 23rd of June 2018 at Noon for a half mile walk. Meet inside the Front Gate of Mount Auburn by Story Chapel. Or explore and create your own private or community remembrance that is meaningful!!! Unite Globally and be Community!

From the Secretary and Founder of the Sunshine of the Americas Foundation- Sister Julie InterFaith Nun and Secretary--Consultant/Secretary Barry Harris and Reverend Danny De Gug InterFaith Ministers. Please tell all your Friends and Associates about this great and wonderful way of celebrating in the home, community and in general this Animal Realm Holiday!!!

Mercy and Justice for our Animals